Taking the plunge


March 12

We have just explored an Antarctic volcano on Deception Island. This morning we paddled around the coast of the island, including through a choppy passage between a cliff and a high rock. The waves arose from all angles, making for such an exhilarating ride we did it twice. Humpback whales were spotted and playful seals followed our kayaks round the shore where we headed to the remnants of an abandoned whaling station in Whaler’s Bay. Seals everywhere!

Antarctic Heritage Trust/Sylvie Admore

Remnants of old whaling supply boats on Deception Island

We also took the opportunity to go for a polar plunge – stripping down to our togs and running into the freezing water. I managed a couple of strokes before sprinting straight back out. The spectators (which numbered many more than those in their togs) had as much fun watching the spectacle as the swimmers themselves.

In the afternoon, we hiked up to the craters of the volcano. This side of the island was striped in black and white – volcanic pebbles and ice, the small rocks blackening the crater edges.

We are sad to say goodbye to Antarctica as we head back to the Drake Passage. Every moment of this huge adventure will be treasured for our lifetime.

Written by Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price