Penguin post


March 11

Today we stepped back in time by visiting Port Lockroy, a historic site maintained by Antarctic Heritage Trust’s sister Trust, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. We explored the station here, Base A, which was established in 1944. The facilities have been preserved right from the tins of food, to the Reader’s Digest catalogues, to the scientific equipment, as well as sleeping and living quarters.

UK Antarctic Heritage Trust/Al Fastier

Base A has been conserved right down to the tins of food

We mailed postcards to ourselves from Port Lockroy’s famous Penguin Post Office – they won’t make it back to us until November as the staff, (including AHT’s own Conservation Programme Manager Al Fastier), have left for the season.

In the afternoon we kayaked around Argentinean base Almirante Brown Station, to Paradise Bay. The Bay is a stunning vista filled with tall mountains, glaciers, and brash ice on a still harbour. Mike, Mele and I chose to hike up a hill, to view the beauty from above.

After dinner, Nigel gave a riveting presentation about Shackleton’s whisky. Many passengers were keen for a tasting with the bottle he brought along.

Written by Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price