Made it to Raven

From Bengt: A cold and windy morning, but sunshine! We woke up in the shadow of the dome after a cold night. Wind is still from the east – 8-10 m/s, temp in the 20’s. On our way we passed the runway and camp Raven which is about 3km from the station. In the summer season Raven is manned by a team of two who maintains a training airstrip for the US Air Force. It used to be a place we stopped by to say hi, sometimes for a coffee. But now with a new crew and perhaps new regulations adventurers are not welcome.
So we silently passed by. Looked to the right and left to see if there were any planes coming in, and heded towards 127 degrees on the compass. Which is our heading to the eastern icefall. Today we did 25km, wind settled in the end, now we are enjoing a real dinner, before going to sleep.