Hitting the Drake Passage



Most of us awoke in our beds to the swaying motion that indicated we had entered the Drake Passage. Notorious for its choppy seas and high swells, we are lucky enough to have only gentle rocking to prepare our sea legs with.

There is dark blue ocean as far as the eye can see, and not much else except mild skies and patches of sun. Caragh, Mele and Lana have found their favourite spot on the boat to watch the waves – the corner of the stern. You feel as if you can touch the waves as they rise up and the boat plunges with the trough.

The day has been filled with presentations about whales, polar photography, binocular use and the interesting birdlife in the region. We have learnt a lot about what we are going to see. A few birds have graced us with their presence – a patterned petrel has been following the boat for some time and a number of albatross were wheeling about the ship.

One Ocean Expeditions - WhaleOne Ocean Expeditions

After dinner we learnt a few maritime superstitions – it’s bad luck to whistle on the ship and it’s good luck to see dolphins. Pirates wore eye patches so that when they raided another ship, they could switch the patch to the other eye below deck (where it’s dark) and their eye would adjust quickly. And you shouldn’t clink your glasses when toasting, you simply clink knuckles while holding your glass.

We are all feeling well. There were a few bouts of seasickness and tiredness, nothing a few patches and naps couldn’t fix.

Written by Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price