Drake Lake


March 13

Relatively calm waters on the Drake Passage today – as on our way to Antarctica, we’ve been fortunate to experience mild weather that is closer to the Drake Lake than the wild Drake Shake.

Many of the team are enjoying catching up on sleep – well-deserved after five non-stop days of adventure in Antarctic waters. Others have been attending the many presentations on offer today. First up was a presentation on albatrosses, many of which have been spotted from the ship today. Learning about the history and politics of the Antarctic Treaty has also been a highlight, as has hearing about the women of Antarctica – amazing too that one of our ship’s staff, Karen (also a Kiwi!), was one of the first fifty women to work in Antarctica as a member of the team at Scott Base.

Today has also been a fantastic opportunity to share previous Antarctic Heritage Trust Inspiring Expeditions’ short films with the rest of the passengers on the ship, who were in awe of the powerful narratives.

The night has ended with a hilarious game of Polar Pictionary, with our Inspiring Explorers and supporters putting forth a great show. We are all thrilled to hear that the Akademik Ioffe is ahead of schedule – we will arrive at Cape Horn around midday tomorrow, enjoying the calm waters, and will be met by a pilot ship that evening to be guided through the Beagle Channel back to Ushuaia.

Written by Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price

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View from the deck