Cast off


5 March 2019

We have cast off on the Akademik Ioffe!

This morning we spent a few hours getting some fresh air by exploring Ushuaia, its hilly streets and bright murals. Feeling refuelled and ready to head South, we made our way to the Port where our docked One Ocean Expeditions vessel awaited – the Akademik Ioffe.

The 117 metre-long boat was built for scientific research and is designed to measure the transmission of sub-surface sound waves. We quickly unpacked our belongings, keen to explore our new home for the next 10 days, introducing ourselves to friendly staff and other passengers – and made for the view as we made an early cast-off.

There’s no better place to say goodbye to the glorious peaks of Ushuaia, than from the deck of a ship. Marco quickly sighted an albatross, and was able to capture the bird take flight.

One Ocean Expeditions

Albatross, Antarctic Peninsula

We are now gliding through the Beagle Channel. The mountains have become silhouettes on a darkening horizon. Waves are calm. Seasickness pills have been taken. Belongings have been secured. The forecast for the Drake Passage is looking ‘benign’, with winds no higher than 20 knots.

Boarding the ship has reinforced anticipation for our next stop – the Antarctic Peninsula.

Written by Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price