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Unlucky 13?

From Bridget: Unlucky number 13… or lucky. A hurricane is on its way with winds blasting us with speeds of up to 120km/hr. A comforting thing to encounter in a wide open landscape with nothing to protect us. Yay another rest day bunking down for an extra few hours of peace and tranquility while the […]

Tea with lemon AND milk

How do you take your tea? Probably not with milk AND lemon juice! This rather peculiar combination may not have been one of Nansen’s best inventions. Nansen’s expedition team were only a week or so into the crossing but had already encountered hideous storm conditions, and were fighting unquenchable thirsts. With their drinking water limited, Nansen […]

Helicopters and Cold War bases

From Nigel: Probably the coldest day so far with a keen wind meaning most opted for goggles and big over-gloves at least for the morning. Skiing into the wind the view is unchanging – flat and white. We strained our eyes to see DYE 2, our next destination point without luck. It is a remnant of […]

Birthday Boy!

From Bengt: We started the day with a happy birthday song for Keith. Bridget made a fantastic birthday card that we all signed, which Keith got after the song. Keith is the one who is documenting this trip and therefore is the one who always have to walk the longest in a day. He needs […]

No dogs in sight

From Bengt: At 0630 the wind settled down, and we quickly understood that we could move. We used a long time to dig out the tents, but finally could start moving. In the second break, what we thought was a dog-team yesterday came skiing towards us. It was an English team of six, which is […]

Hunkering down

From Bengt: Approx. 0400 the wind came in and at 0600 when we normally start our morning it was quite clear that today would be a tent day. Wind has been stable right under 20 m/s with gusts way above. We have been outside only to do work on the camp.

Who’s in the rearview?

From Bengt: Another sunny day! We are truly lucky with the weather. Surface is gettin’ better and better and our routines is also getting there. We did 9 legs today, that gave us 19km. There is something behind us that moves, we think it is a dog-team, that is also crossing. Guess we find out today. […]

Bearing with us

From Bridget: Today we started our journey from dog camp. A camp with no dogs or in fact any camp at all. A perfect white flat spot amongst 500 kms of flat white spots. We skied for two hours in a straight line before Bengt let us take over the navigation. A poor mistake; each […]

Nansen’s expedition reaches land

“I have no doubt there was a pretty general consensus of opinion among us that we had had pleasanter work in the course of our lives, but these opinions we kept each to himself.” Having finally made it to land, Nansen and his team had to haul their sledge-loads up a steep and uneven gradient, […]

Dog Camp

From Bengt: It is a good feeling to have reached one of our goals. Today we came into Dog Camp. A place that looks like anywhere else here on ice, difference is that we have walked towards this point through the whole icefall. Our next goal is the old radar station DYE2 that is far […]