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Long days ahead

From Bengt: Lots of snow, powder that would have been great in a slope, not so good for us. We still managed 31.6kms. We are happy about that! Going to bed now, a lot of the same tomorrow, and another 11.5 hours are waiting in a bit.  

Slow and steady

From Bengt: Not much sleep tonight, we had to get up and use the weather. We were on schedule till the middle of the day, then we got hit by weather, we continued but with less progress, decided to cut one leg, and hide it for later. The windy weather is supposed to continue all […]

It’s all downhill from here…

From Bengt: Another 10 hours plus. This morning was quite windy, but it settled during the day. Since it snowed a bit in the night the sliding conditions weren’t exactly perfect 😉 We also came in to an area with a bit of loose snow in the end of the day, so we worked quite hard […]

The summit (almost)

From Bengt: Great day today, we started at 0600 and did 10 hours of effective walking that gave 31km. We are now more or less on the summit. Our next goal is the icefall! In terms of weather we had it all today, sun, snow and whiteout. Luckily not much wind. Surface was perfect for […]

A day off?

From Bengt: Not much to say about today, tent-bound… Sleeping, reading books, eating and drinking coffee/tea. Weather should be better tomorrow!

Inferno of snow

From Bengt: This was a cold and windy day. We only did 6 hours. We were all packed in, goggles, facemasks and extra layers. The scenery is magic, blue sky and sun straight above us, but an inferno of snow on the ground. We had a warm and nice lunch inside the tent halfway. Came […]

The daily routine

From Bengt: Sunny and nice weather, cold last night…In total we did 30km, very happy about that. As always we started the day with outmeal porridge. Børge’s secret recipe. 180grams that we mix with hot water. During the day we eat chocolate, nuts, cheese, freeze-dried fruit, chips, noodles, salami and biscuits. In the night we […]

Made it to Raven

From Bengt: A cold and windy morning, but sunshine! We woke up in the shadow of the dome after a cold night. Wind is still from the east – 8-10 m/s, temp in the 20’s. On our way we passed the runway and camp Raven which is about 3km from the station. In the summer […]


From Bengt: Nice day, with changing wind. We could see the DYE station when we started, some 20 kilometres away. We had a brief moment with weather coming over us, then it was gone. The station kept growing as we got further, but it seemed like we never got to it, and then finally we […]

Tent bound

From Nigel: Well the storm that was predicted arrived! It was a beauty too. Winds over 30 metres per second peaking with gusts over 38 m/s. The hard work we had put in digging down and building a wall paid dividends and we were well protected despite the elements. With only room for 2 tents […]