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Between cleanliness and survival

After nearly a month on the ice, we can safely say the Inspiring Explorers are going to be looking forward to a hot shower. In his account of the first crossing of Greenland, Nansen described the sight of the men, as they fought their way across the interior of the ice cap. “We were a […]

A long night’s sleep ahead

From Bengt: Another long day. From deep snow to good surface during the day. Total whiteout the last 4 legs. We did 33.4 km in 11 and some hours. Look forward to a new long day tomorrow. Plan is to ski down (perhaps with a long break in the middle of the day). All weather […]

The mountains are almost in sight

From Bengt: This morning we met up with the English team, and decided we ski down together to join forces in the heavy snow we are having at the moment. We had snow and whiteout conditions throughout the day. It’s hard going in the front, but nice at the back. Now we have 29km left […]

Running into old friends (sort of)

From Bengt: Long and nice day. Sunny and no wind. Today we walked 11 hours and some. That gave us 34.7km! We followed the tracks from yesterday, bumped into the camp of our English friends just before the last leg. We silently passed since it looked like they already had gone to bed. We skied […]


Snowblindness is just one of the things the team want to avoid in Greenland. Snowblindness is a temporary loss of vision caused by the sun’s rays – think of it like sunburn of the eyeballs! Of course the Inspiring Explorers have sunglasses and protective goggles to protect their eyes, but things were different for Nansen’s […]


From Bengt: As predicted, it was whiteout in the morning. Almost no wind and the sun was trying to get through the clouds. In the middle of the day we found tracks from another team, which we followed. We did around 9 hours and got 27.3km. It cleared up in the end of the day. […]

Long days ahead

From Bengt: Lots of snow, powder that would have been great in a slope, not so good for us. We still managed 31.6kms. We are happy about that! Going to bed now, a lot of the same tomorrow, and another 11.5 hours are waiting in a bit.  

Slow and steady

From Bengt: Not much sleep tonight, we had to get up and use the weather. We were on schedule till the middle of the day, then we got hit by weather, we continued but with less progress, decided to cut one leg, and hide it for later. The windy weather is supposed to continue all […]

It’s all downhill from here…

From Bengt: Another 10 hours plus. This morning was quite windy, but it settled during the day. Since it snowed a bit in the night the sliding conditions weren’t exactly perfect 😉 We also came in to an area with a bit of loose snow in the end of the day, so we worked quite hard […]

The summit (almost)

From Bengt: Great day today, we started at 0600 and did 10 hours of effective walking that gave 31km. We are now more or less on the summit. Our next goal is the icefall! In terms of weather we had it all today, sun, snow and whiteout. Luckily not much wind. Surface was perfect for […]