Almost in Antarctica!


March 7

This morning Marco and I saw a whale for about two seconds – it was brown, with a curvy fin, and we’ve had a dozen guesses at what species it could be.

The weather has taken a turn – the waves have become bigger, wilder, crashing over the bow and sending the boat into a pendulum-like motion. On the top deck we have to be extremely careful. The winds can knock you over if you don’t hold onto the rails.

We kitted up in our kayak gear today, in preparation for the adventure that awaits tomorrow. The prep consists of layering up our clothing, getting into a dry suit, pulling on a skirt which attaches to the kayak, securing our life-vest and practising entering the kayak. While all this was going on, it was snowing on the deck. Amazing.

There is a competition on at the moment where we guess the coordinates and day for spotting the first iceberg. No icebergs yet. Tomorrow it’s highly likely.

We’ve had a rundown of the sail plan, subject to change, but the first stop tomorrow is Aitcho Island part of the South Shetland Islands. Home to Chinstrap penguins, fur seals and hopefully an elephant seal or two. We’ll be up nice and early, hopefully in calmer waters, ready to paddle.

Written by Inspiring Explorer Rosanna Price.