Who’s in the rearview?

From Bengt: Another sunny day! We are truly lucky with the weather. Surface is gettin’ better and better and our routines is also getting there. We did 9 legs today, that gave us 19km. There is something behind us that moves, we think it is a dog-team, that is also crossing. Guess we find out today. All good here, cheers!


Still beautiful weather. Routines while on the move are really good now. We’re like a train that steady moves towards DYE2. The terrain is flattening out, with some tiny hills here and there. We’re using the sun as the main indication for navigating.
Behind us we now and then can see another team, we think it’s two dog-teams. In the second last leg a goose flew past us. We built our camp for a stormy night since we know there is weather coming in tonight.