Antarctic Peninsula 2019



Meet our 2019 #InspiringExplorers joining us on our expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula 
Our Christchurch local Inspiring Explorer Georgie is Learning Advisor Pasifika, at Ara Institute of Canterbury, as well as mentoring Pasifika high school and tertiary students. 
A self-described story-teller with a Law degree and Masters in English Literature, Georgie also holds tertiary certificates in Digital Media, Publishing and Adult Learning. She undertook her postgraduate study in Boulder, Colorado on a Fulbright Scholarship, during which she spent one month on a solo bike tour cycling from Boulder, Colorado to San Francisco, California. 
Georgie will be sharing the Inspiring Explorers' Expedition through presentations to various organisations and groups on her return from the Peninsula. 
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It's @getoutdoorsweek! Here at Antarctic Heritage Trust we're all about getting outdoors and exploring our beautiful world. 
To celebrate this initiative here's an epic photo by one of our #inspiringexplorers alumni, Sylvie, from the 2017 expedition to climb Mt Scott in the Antarctic Peninsula. 
Where are you going to explore this #GoWeekNZ? 
Photo: Sylvie Admore 
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Meet our 2019 #InspiringExplorers joining us on our expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula

A former journalist from Wellington, Rosanna is currently working at Land Information New Zealand as a Senior Communications Advisor.

With a Bachelor of Communications from Massey University, majoring in Marketing Communications, Rosanna has worked as a freelance writer and social media manager.

Having completed a trek to Annapurna Base Camp in the Himalayas, Nepal, travelled through South America and explored the Otway rainforest from the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, Rosanna is a keen explorer and travel writer.

More recently, Rosanna has become a mother to one-year-old son Solomon, which is in itself a whole new adventure.

Rosanna will be writing up the story of the team's voyage to Antarctica and is looking forward to sharing the experience with readers.

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#OnThisDay in 1912 Tom Crean reached Scott's Discovery Hut at Hut Point after 18 exhausting hours stumbling 35 miles through the snow to find aid for his fellow expedition members Bill Lashly and the critically ill Edward Evans, in what is known as his 'solo march'.
Learn about the history of the expeditions at Scott's Hut at nzaht.org.
📸 Alasdair Turner; Herbert Ponting/Antarctica New Zealand
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Meet our 2019 #InspiringExplorers joining us on our expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula

Raised in Auckland, Alexander has recently completed his Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

An experienced adventure photographer and videographer, Alexander’s work has been used for presentations on National Geographic expeditions. He aspires to be a visual storyteller and is keen to capture the unique qualities of the Antarctic Peninsula through his lens.

As the grandson of iconic Kiwi explorer Sir Edmund Hillary, Alexander has a deep connection to the history of Antarctic exploration. With a goal of climbing the Seven Summits (the highest peaks on the seven continents), and three already successfully completed, Alexander is keen to continue in the same spirit of exploration.

We can't wait to see the photographs he captures! Follow him at @alexhillary.

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Meet our 2019 #InspiringExplorers 
At just 18 years old, Marco de Kretser has just completed his final year at Glendowie College. Marco plans to study a conjoint Bachelor of Arts (Screen Production) and Bachelor of Global Studies (Global Environment and Sustainable Development) at the University of Auckland.

Marco is passionate about photography and filmmaking, as well as being a self-taught DJ and electronic music producer, with a large number of plays on music sharing platform SoundCloud. We can't wait to hear the soundscape he plans to produce from his time on the Peninsula!

Follow Marco as he captures the sights and sounds of Antarctica:
Instagram @marcodekretser
His website bit.ly/marcodekretser
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/lyraemusic

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#onthisday in 1900, Norwegian explorer Carsten Borchgrevink, along with William Colbeck and Per Savio were the first people to land on the Great Ice Barrier (now known as the Ross Ice Shelf). The team travelled 16km south and achieved a new Farthest South record at 78°50'S.

We're very proud to care for Borchgrevink's Huts at Cape Adare - the first buildings on Antarctica and the only example of humankind's first dwelling on a continent still standing.

Read more about Borchgrevink's Huts on our website: https://www.nzaht.org/explorer-bases/borchgrevink-hut-cape-adare.

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Photos: Canterbury Museum, Antarctic Heritage Trust
We're sad to hear the search for Shackleton's Endurance has had to be called off due to weather and ice conditions. 
Huge congratulations to the @weddellseaexpedition ​team for all they have achieved with this incredible expedition and for getting the closest to Endurance anyone has in over a century since it was lost to the ice. 
This photo was taken by Endurance photographer Frank Hurley during the Antarctic night, the eerie lighting the result of the successive flashes required to illuminate the ship where it lay trapped amongst the snow and pack ice of the Weddell Sea. Three months after this photo was taken she sank out of sight and now remains lost still. 
Read the full details at weddellseaexpedition.org #weddellseaexpedition2019 #endurance #shackleton #antarctica #explore #discover #conserve 
Photo: Canterbury Museum
As we wait to hear the outcome of the @weddellseaexpedition  to discover the century-old wreck of Shackleton’s Endurance beneath the sea ice, we’ve been reflecting on the other component of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-17), the Ross Sea Party.
Shackleton’s aim was to be the first to cross Antarctica overland from the Weddell Sea to Ross Island, traveling via the South Pole. With no radio contact between the two parties, the Ross Sea Party’s mission was to lay vital depots for Shackleton to collect from the South Pole onwards. As if that weren’t difficult enough, the men were left with only a small portion of the supplies intended for them after their ship Aurora blew out to sea and was unable to return.
Meanwhile, Shackleton’s main group had abandoned ship as the Endurance was first trapped then crushed in the Weddell Sea ice. This was followed by what has been called ‘the greatest story of survival ever told’ as he raced to save his men.
Shackleton, having travelled 800 nautical miles to civilisation to find a vessel that could rescue the Endurance crew trapped on Elephant Island, made a second voyage to the other side of Antarctica. There he found the seven surviving members of the Ross Sea Party living in Scott’s Hut at Cape Evans. These men only then learned of the travails of the Endurance.
Shackleton’s determination in rescuing his men in both parties has become the stuff of legend.
Read more on our website at www.nzaht.org/pages/history-of-other-expeditions-cape-evans. 
Follow the Weddell Sea Expedition at weddellseaexpedition.org/.
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Photos: Canterbury Museum, Antarctic Heritage Trust

2019 Inspiring Explorers

Leah Stewart

Marco de Kretser

Alexander Hillary

Rosanna Price

Georgie Archibald

Lana Kiddie-Vai

Mele Fetu’u

Caragh Doherty

Meet Mike…

AHT is thrilled to be partnering with Olympic kayaker Mike Dawson, who will be joining the Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition as a kayaking mentor.

Mike Dawson was born in Tauranga in 1986. After taking up kayaking at a young age, the sport quickly became his main focus. He has so far competed in two Olympic Games, has achieved silver and bronze medals in extreme kayaking championships, and has participated in kayaking expeditions in Chile, Uganda, Pakistan and beyond…

“I have loved kayaking ever since I first started doing it as a kid. I’m absolutely stoked to be joining AHT to share my passion for kayaking with other young New Zealanders and hopefully teach people some new skills!”