Antarctic Peninsula

    March 2-17


Do you have a strong curiosity to go out and explore the world?

Do you want to get out of your comfort zone by travelling to the world’s most extreme environment?

Are you interested in learning about Antarctica’s history, environment, wildlife, science and stories of early exploration?

Do you have special skills that will enable you to share these stories with others?

Connecting young people with the spirit of exploration

What are Inspiring Explorers’ Expeditions?

Antarctic Heritage Trust is a New Zealand-based charity with a vision of inspiring explorers. Through its mission to conserve, share and encourage the spirit of exploration, the Trust cares for the remarkable expedition bases of early Antarctic explorers including Scott, Shackleton and Hillary.

The Trust’s Inspiring Explorers’ Expeditions aim to provide opportunities for young people to experience Antarctica and connect them with the legacy of polar exploration. These expeditions engage people with the legacy and spirit of exploration, inspiring a new generation of explorers.

The Trust is providing an opportunity of a lifetime in March 2019 for a group of young people from New Zealand to participate in a ten day expedition off the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition is heavily sponsored and you will be expected to share your story to inspire others with the spirit of exploration.

This expedition follows on from the success of the Trust’s 2015 Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition crossing South Georgia Island via the Shackleton route, the 2017 Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition climbing Mt Scott on the Antarctic Peninsula, and recently the 2018 Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition to traverse the Greenland ice cap in honour of Fridtjof Nansen.

Where are we going?

The 2019 expedition will see us return to Antarctica. Participants will explore the Antarctic Peninsula by ship with the opportunity for kayak excursions in Antarctic waters with New Zealand Olympian Mike Dawson and expert guides. Travel via ship from South America across the famed Drake Passage with our partner One Ocean Expeditions.

Experience the spirit of the early polar explorers; a remarkable legacy the Trust cares for on behalf of humanity. Learn about the history of Antarctica, its wildlife, science and its importance to the world today.

When are we going?

The expedition will take place from 2 March to 17 March 2019; including travel time from New Zealand and back.

Our Inspiring Explorers will fly to Ushuaia, Argentina, from there they will embark on the voyage south to the Peninsula.

What does the expedition involve?

This expedition will provide up to five participants with the opportunity to explore Antarctica with Antarctic Heritage Trust and Mike Dawson (two-time Olympian and NZ kayak champion).

Expedition partners One Ocean Expeditions and Mike Dawson will lead guided kayaking journeys off a vessel through Antarctic waters.

There will be time to explore the Antarctic Peninsula, and see the marine mammals and wildlife unique to Antarctica. The expedition group may have the opportunity to camp overnight on the ice, however this will depend on weather conditions.

Highlights of this expedition include:

  • An opportunity to experience Antarctica!
  • An opportunity to explore the Antarctic Peninsula with expert guides
  • An opportunity for students to learn and develop new skills, such as kayaking
  • An opportunity to join Olympian Mike Dawson and One Ocean Expedition kayak guides for kayaking adventures off a vessel
  • A night camping on the ice (subject to conditions)
  • The chance to get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before

Why are we doing this expedition?

Antarctic Heritage Trust wants to connect young people with the spirit of exploration by providing opportunities for them to go out and explore the world, to get them off their devices and out of their comfort zone. This trip will offer people a chance to push themselves, to connect with experts, and learn about the history, science, wildlife, environment and legacy of exploration in Antarctica. Participants will discover the spirit of exploration in the world’s most extreme environment and experience the spirit of the early polar explorers; a remarkable legacy the Trust cares for on behalf of humanity.

Outreach Programme

Each Inspiring Explorer is expected to conceive and deliver an outreach programme. The focus is on sharing the experience to inspire others to explore.

Meet Mike…

AHT is thrilled to be partnering with Olympic kayaker Mike Dawson, who will be joining the Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition as a kayaking mentor.

Mike Dawson was born in Tauranga in 1986. After taking up kayaking at a young age, the sport quickly became his main focus. He has so far competed in two Olympic Games, has achieved silver and bronze medals in extreme kayaking championships, and has participated in kayaking expeditions in Chile, Uganda, Pakistan and beyond…

“I have loved kayaking ever since I first started doing it as a kid. I’m absolutely stoked to be joining AHT to share my passion for kayaking with other young New Zealanders and hopefully teach people some new skills!”

We will announce our Inspiring Explorers’ team in February 2019 – keep an eye out!

Applications are closed

Applications for the Inspiring Explorers’ Expedition 2019 are now closed. We are currently processing applications and will contact applicants in due course.

Our Expedition Partner

This expedition will be guided by respected polar expedition company One Ocean Expeditions and participants will travel to Antarctica via a One Ocean Expeditions vessel.


Wow - This week Trust conservator Lizzie celebrated 1000 days spent on the Ice in Antarctica!! The Trust's conservation team members Martin, Lizzie, Nicola and Mike  celebrated the occasion with this incredible cake made by the chefs at Scott Base.

Congratulations Lizzie on this incredible milestone!

Read more at bit.ly/1000DaysOnIce. 
Photo: Antarctic Heritage Trust

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What better place to read a book about Sir Ed Hillary's Antarctic adventures, than in Hillary's (TAE/IGY) Hut itself? 
Trust Conservation Ambassador Mike Gillies and heritage carpenter Martin brought a signed copy of 'Hillary's Antarctica' to the hut, where it will remain for visitors to enjoy. 
You can get your very own copy of 'Hillary's Antarctica' at bit.ly/HillarysAntarcticaBook or instores. 
Photo: Antarctic Heritage Trust 
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Check out Conservation Ambassador Mike Gillies' latest blog from the Ice!

This week Mike relays his experience with Antarctic Field Training. How did he find it camping out in -15˚C on the ice? Head to bit.ly/Blog22018 to find out!

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Happy Tuesday everyone - here's a cute puppy pic to brighten your day!

Alyeshka Antarctic Rescue, call name Magnum, is a 15-week old purebred husky, spending the day with Michelle of @huskyrescuenz at the @internationalantarcticcentre. 
Husky Rescue NZ takes in surrendered or abandoned huskies and arranges for them to be de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered. They are then cared for until they find a furever home. 
If you're looking for a pet husky, they recommend rescuing from Husky Rescue or other registered rescue, or else only buying a purebred husky pup through certified breeders. This means you avoid health and behavioural issues and get a nice healthy pup from tested parents and good breeding kennels like this wee guy. 
Huskies were traditionally a vital component of life in Antarctica up until 1994 (when the Antarctic Treaty called for their removal), and still hold a dear place in the hearts of Antarctic enthusiasts. 
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“A chasm had appeared in the ice and into it had fallen all of Ayres’ precious dogs and the sledge. The sledge was stuck in a perpendicular position about three metres below the surface, its front facing down. The dogs were somewhere under that, and although the men could not see them, occasional whimpers gave hope that some had survived…”
- ‘Hillary’s Antarctica’ excerpt, page 143
Read more husky sledging exploits and learn of their vital role during the TAE in 'Hillary's Antarctica', on sale now at bit.ly/HillarysAntarcticaBook or instores.
Photo: Joe the husky, TAE sledge dog, 1957-1958 season
Credit: Antarctica New Zealand Pictorial Collection
"Maybe I was ready for the weather, but what I wasn't prepared for was the Antarctic's onslaught on my senses. Upon landing I walked down the gangway, and then – smack! I was instantly overwhelmed... that first breath of Antarctic air is unlike anything imaginable... extremely cold and dry, but the most pure air ever." Check out Conservation Ambassador Mike Gillies' first blog post on his arrival to the Ice at Scott Base! Go to bit.ly/1Blog2018
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"We are heading hell-bent for the Pole, God willing and crevasses permitting" 
With these now famous words, Sir Edmund Hillary declared his intention to forge ahead in Ferguson tractors to the South Pole during the Trans-Antarctic Expedition (TAE). On 4 January 1958 Hillary's party reached the South Pole, becoming the first overland team since Robert Falcon Scott's in 1912 and the first ever to reach it in motor vehicles, in Ferguson TE20 tractors. 
Read more of the incredible race to the pole in 'Hillary's Antarctica', on sale now at bit.ly/HillarysAntarcticaBook or instores. 
Photo: Sir Edmund Hillary, Derek Wright and Murray Ellis on the Ferguson tractors at the South Pole.
Credit: Canterbury Museum
From DOC Ranger to Antarctic Conservation Ambassador...
Check out Mike's new look from his @docgovtnz digs to Antarctic extreme cold weather gear!
Keep an eye out for updates from Mike Gillies and the rest of the conservation team on the Ice at www.nzaht.org/conservation/antarctic-blog.
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The Trust was honoured to have Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern launch ‘Hillary’s Antarctica’ at an event in the New Zealand Parliament Grand Hall on Monday.
Written by the Antarctic Heritage Trust’s Executive Director Nigel Watson and illustrated with photography by Jane Ussher, ‘Hillary’s Antarctica’ profiles exploration, science and discovery in the world’s most extreme environment during Sir Edmund Hillary's time there with the TAE/IGY.
It was particularly special to have members of the Hillary family in attendance, along with TAE/IGY members and some of their descendants.
‘Hillary’s Antarctica’ is available for purchase in stores for $49.99 and online at bit.ly/HillarysAntarcticaBook.
Don't forget to enter our competition to win your own free copy, along with a Dulux dog! Simply like our page and tag a friend in our competition post. Winner drawn on Friday 2 November.
Photos: Antarctic Heritage Trust
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